Saturday, 6 March 2010

500 Days of Memories - Day Two

A snapshot memory made only last week.

My daughter sits alone on the raised king sized bed gazing lovingly at a preschool television show. She is flanked on both sides by the slight indents made by bodies that have known the comfort of routine for many years. Her unwillingness to acknowledge my presence indicates a confident comfort level that only comes with love. Isabel is surrounded by love shown perfectly by her immediate surrounds. The well used bed she sits on tells us in its own subtle way that her grandparents have love. Love for each other. Love for their children and overflowing love for their grandchildren.

Isabel finally leans over to the edge of the bed making her face align with mine. She puckers her lips and plants a kiss on my lips. I couldn't feel anymore content in that moment.

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DeNae said...

Are you really going to do this for 500 days? Girl, you are an ANIMAL!

(This was lovely, by the way. Probably shoulda started with that!)