Thursday, 20 January 2011

Running Away

I googled "How do I run away from my child?" today.

It turns out Google isn't so helpful with this question.  Not one person even had a thought that the parent and not the child might be the one looking to run away.  Pages upon pages of helpful websites telling me what to do if my child runs away, if I'm having problems with a run away child or if I suspect my child will run away shortly.

Do you think LQ suspects I want to run away from her?  I'll check my Google history to make sure.

Stupid Google.  Now I'm stuck at home with a kid that's been sick for three weeks and it's all YOUR fault.


Bron Williams said...

:) xx

Miriam said...

Have someone over for adult company (morning tea?). Read a novel. Find something creative to do. Learn to massage. Teach her to give YOU a hand massage (I'm training my kids up!) Are you physically well? Can you take her to a library? Wrap her up and go for a walk? Ring a friend and just talk. Have a cry. Get a babysitter for an hour, bake for a friend...
My mum says that shutting the door on me and going for a 5 min walk saved my life on at least 3 occasions.

Mattias, Karissa & Enzo said...

poor you! I know you will make it through this even though it may not seem like it. Parenting is HARD and TIRING but also REWARDING but sometimes that's hard to see when it's kicking our butt more times than not. XXX

Stepper the Mighty said...

Hah! :D

Try googling, "When Mommy needs a Time-Out."

I've actually sent myself on time-out before. When I've lost my patience and am obviously behaving badly. What's great is, my 3yo gets it!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You are hilarious!