Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A day out for an Ultrasound

Yesterday Isabel and I journeyed to the St. George Private Hospital in Kogerah (about a 20 minute drive) where they perform children's ultrasounds. The attending doctor that helped us when Isabel had her bad fever wants to make sure that Isabel's urinary tract infection hasn't damaged her kidneys. That's why we went to get an Ultrasound.

I'm sure Isabel has a secret stash of happy pills because the whole time we were there, she was Little Miss Social. Once we sat down in the waiting room, she managed to wriggle herself out of my lap and on the floor. Sitting directly opposite us was a ten year old boy and his mother. Isabel was smitten and couldn't keep away from her new boyfriend. It didn't matter how many times I took her away from them, she would always go back to the boy and his mother. She was also talking and smiling the whole time. After a while, she managed to find the mother's bag which she immediately tried to put in her mouth.

At this point another woman and her son sat down on the same row of seats and the woman pulled out her keys to jangle at Isabel. Isabel couldn't get enough of the attention and immediately set her sights on the keys.... sidling along chairs to get to the other end. I think the original 10 year old was a bit disappointed that he had lost Isabel to a set of keys.

Isabel finally got to the keys and sat nicely on the lady's lap for a short while, all the time babbling away.

Then a nice young man called out "Isabel Petersen". So we took off out the back to get the ultrasound. Well, things couldn't have been more exciting! There was a big machine with lots of buttons and the nice man gave Isabel some sticky labels to play with. She showed her appreciation by smiling and talking to him the whole time he was looking at her kidneys and bladder.

It was over too soon and we said goodbye to Daniel (the nice ultrasound man). It was then off to have lunch while we waited for the images to be ready. Isabel and I had a nice lunch at a local cafe and by the time Isabel was done with the cucumber and toasted sandwich, the images were ready to be picked up. It was a big day for Isabel and as soon as she was back in her car seat her little eyes were closed and she was snoring loudly so mummy could hear that she was still breathing back there.

All in all... it was a MUCH nicer experience than emergency and the catheter!!

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