Saturday, 4 June 2011

Warning: May inhibit blogging

I love my antidepressants.  They have done wonders for me.

But like every drug, they do have some side effects.  The side effect that I've noticed the most is the lack of desire to blog.

There's been a few things happen in the past month that were worthy of blogging.  To be honest, "back in the day" I didn't really need anything to write about.  There were posts about LQ sitting in a box for heavens sakes.  But now even when big events like finding out the sex of my child happen, I can't seem to find the energy or desire to write about it.

I am certain that once the pregnancy, the new babyness and the need for anti-depressants have passed, there will come a time when I feel the need to write more than once a month.

But for now I hope you can ride on through this slump with me and meet me on the other side.  As an update to my life:

We found out we are having a boy.
I was lucky enough to have to do a driving exam to get my Arizona licence.  I passed with flying colours.
LQ has turned into a bandit.  She insists that all bandits are good.
I celebrated my 30th birthday.  In Tombstone.  Watching street shootout re-enactments.
LQ refers to her stuffed toys as "the guys" or "my guys".  "Put boots on the guys, mummy"

I hope your June is a good one.

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PJ said...

i hope your June is a good one too