Saturday, 25 June 2011


I'm finally able to do it!  I finally have stories to tell you the stupid things my child says.  And then you can tell me how NOT cute it is.  Then I'll argue until I'm blue in the face that it was in fact the cutest thing you could have ever seen.


I prepared LQ for what was happening next as we drove home from a family get together.

"When we get home, it's books and bed time, LQ"

"No.... I watch daddy play racing Mario"

"No, LQ.  It is time for bed when we get home."

"No.... I watch daddy play racing Mario"

[repeat at least 5 times]

finally I change the pace -

"LQ!  You will be going to bed when we get home.  I'm the Mummy and I say so!"

"No!  I LQ and I play with daddy"

"LQ... Mummy trumps LQ.  Every time."

"No I trunk Mummy!"

Dal:  "I'll trunk your faces"  - End of conversation.


We sit on the floor.  We are playing guess the shape with dinosaurs.  I pause for dramatics.  "hmmmm...."

LQ, the computer whiz, questions me.  "Are you loading?"


A favourite game at the moment is "wake the baby".  LQ and I poke and prod my tummy in an effort to get Little Bob Jnr to move around.   LQ puts her mouth up to my tummy and yells "WAKE UP BABY!!"  I am thinking this may not be a good tradition to continue for much longer.

LQ is very aware of the baby and is very willing to talk about him to anyone who asks.  We asked her how the baby gets out of mummy's tummy.  She just shrugged.  We told her how he will come out and she laughed hysterically and said "No!  THAT is SILLY!"


DeNae said...

I guess it will be someone else's job to tell you these things aren't cute, because they're freaking adorable. I LOVE "Are you loading?"

And she's right. The way babies come out IS just plain silly.

We're moving to SLC, BTW. August. So now we can visit when you come up for conference!

Keep us posted on that baby!

CaJoh said...

If that ain't cute at least it's funny. Kids do say the strangest things.

Thanks for sharing,

Nikki said...

hahaha, love it. Oh I wish we could see LQ.
"Are you loading?" haha!
Hope you are all well. Thinking of you. I'd love to see a pic of your tummy too. xx

Anonymous said...

Cute as. Thanks for the post. Love mum

Un petit coin des cieux sur terre said...

So funny!!!! Thanks for posting!

A new fan of your blog! =)