Monday, 18 April 2011

Mottled Monday

Just a few bits and pieces.

For three days straight now, I have asked LQ what she wants for lunch.  For three straight days she has had a clear idea of what she wants.  For three straight days I have given her EXACTLY what she has requested.  For three straight days she has seen what I had for lunch and proceeded to whine that THAT is what she really wanted.  It's enough to drive me INSANE!


Friday was a rough day.  It was the end of a long week of LQ being sick and the truck not starting - in other words I was stuck at home ALL week aside from the time I tried to walk in 90 degree temperatures to my mother-in-law's home (that's another story).  I was desperate.  Back to Friday.  I'm not above saying I had a meltdown.   The truck actually started, got me all excited and then quit working.  I felt my chest constricting, I couldn't breathe properly, my mind got muddled and I started pacing the kitchen.  I sent a message to Dal about feeling trapped.  He called me up and I immediately collapsed into a sobbing mess.  LQ thought I was sad because she had eaten frosting with two spoons without my knowledge that morning.  Poor kid.  A nap was in order.  It wasn't until MUCH later in the day I ventured outside again.  There on my doorstep, poorly hidden under the doormat, was a package.  For me.  From a friend who knows.

Opening any package is fun for me.  It breaks up the day.  But this package was filled with amazing goodness and a whole heap of love.  I took this picture after I had already eaten half the block of chocolate and LQ had taken a packet of double coated Tim Tams into her room.


A thank you just doesn't seem enough for the lifesaving properties that this package had.  I actually cried when I pulled the drinks out of the box.

I have been gorging on chocolate the entire weekend.  SO much better than drugs!


Dal and I have been spending our weekends looking at real estate recently and we've just put offers on a few homes.  One lender owned and the other a short sale, so don't expect anymore information for quite some time, but that's some exciting news from our grownup lives.  On a related note:  Can I just tell you how cranky it makes me feel when I walk into a home someone has said that is recently renovated and it is glaringly obvious that they've done everything cheaply and poorly.  Why bother doing it at all?  Poorly renovated homes just means more work for the next sap who wants to renovate.  Can you tell I've been scarred by my recent renovation project?


The Kroks said...

Where can you get those lemon lime bitters in AZ?? I need to know! And if you are up for it I would love to get together for a play date? We can come to you:)

PJ said...

must be so nice to get a care package from home. Love the new pic of you with the headband - so cute!

The Kroks said...

a package from home, I am so thick in the head! haha I was clinging to the idea that i could get that yummy drink here. tell them next time to throw in a case of bundys for me;)

Misty said... gets you good Aussie stuff in the states. And it's cheaper than Amazon.