Sunday, 10 April 2011

Entitled: An Obsession

Hello my friends.  First I want to thank you for the love you gave me on my "Mostly" post.  Since getting it out on my blog and talking to my Obstetrician, I have been feeling a lot better.  But that's a different post.

This one is about my dearest LQ.

I'm not sure I could love this girl any more than I do.  I am certain she has reached her cuteness peak.  Everything she does has me giggling to myself or laughing out loud.  She shakes her little booty at me, she shimmies across the floor.  She sings constantly to me, Dal or herself.  She says things like "Daddy, you sick!  Take a nap!" and "mmmm b'donalds (McDonalds), deyishous!".  She is good a fake laughing when we are laughing at something she does and most importantly of all when I'm cranky or just generally not in a good mood she will say "Happy face Mummy!  Show me your happy face".  Let me tell you about that happy face.  Not once have I ever said that to her.... that's all LQ.

There's one thing that hasn't changed as LQ has grown into the beautiful little girl that she is.  Her love for puzzles.  It started well before she turned two and her love has not waned.  To show you how much she loves puzzles, I took a picture of all the puzzles that she owns and as a comparison you can see in one of the pictures her small drawer filled with her dress up costumes.  There's no contest... that girl could do puzzles all day if I'd sit with her.




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fifi said...

YAY! I love the updated pics on the right. Doidy IS the cutest. If she gets any cuter you may have to lock her away. DOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you crazy shi shi!