Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Is that a light at the end?

I enjoyed my little Sunbeam class on Sunday.  Even though the entire class showed up.  These poor "beams" have had nothing but First-Trimester-I'm-so-tired-and-cranky-I-am-seriously-considering-falling-off-my-chair-to-get-a-quick-recovery-nap Hel.

Heh.... add an extra "L" on my name at the end of that sentence and it wouldn't really change the meaning of it much at all.

So when I enjoyed six of the little preciousness-es on Sunday, I really thought I was back on track.  Actually a few of the stars aligned right for me to think that.  I started thinking creatively again (creative brain has been working overtime in the inner nursery), I sewed LQ a skirt (first real project since January) and I.... wait for it..... MADE DINNER (and it wasn't burnt cheesy toast).

Yesterday I was on top of my game.  Playing educational games with LQ and tidying the house simultaneously.

And then today happened.  My body shut down at around 10.30am and didn't kickstart again until 5pm. 4 hours of that I was napping.

This is where I say I have the most incredible LQ in the history of LQ's.  Two of those napping hours she just pleasantly sat on my bed watching PBS kids.  The other two she napped with me.   I do feel bad that she doesn't get out on days like these (yep I've had one or two already - it killed me not to be able to complain about it on my blog), but the guilt is not so bad that it's motivation to get out of bed.  There would have to be some pretty wicked mother guilt to achieve that.

And now I've complained about that... I just quickly clicked over to my google reader to see what was going on in the world... and my heavily pregnant friend who is due in April has been put on bed rest (pre-eclampsia) for the rest of the pregnancy.

There's always someone who has it worse - or likes to one-up me.... ;)


Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

Oh man, it seems as if our crappy days always seem to align with one anothers. Brandon woke up last night at 3 with the stomach flu and has been throwing up since 3 this afternoon. It's been exhausting and I'm just waiting for Audrey to wake up and run to the bathroom to create round 2... kill me now! Isabel is awesome, I took a mini nap today with Brandon and Audrey had "made" herself several cups of country time lemonade, and "cleaned" the dishes in the sink. What a gem that child is!

Melanie said...

You caught me. That was my plan all along (to one-up you) Maybe you just need to come up and hang out with me and watch movies. We'll let the small people run free while we relax. :)