Sunday, 5 September 2010

We have been busy

Dal, Hel and Bel have successfully moved into Hel's parent's house.

We are enjoying the cosiness of it all (for now).

We had the moving sale.

Hel didn't like selling Bel's baby clothes. Hel may have almost vomited when someone found the first outfit Bel ever wore. Dal also mentioned how hard it was letting go of Bel's things.

We packed things and more things appeared. We packed some more and the wardrobes spewed forth even more stuff. Hel became ruthless and started throwing out perfectly good shoes and clothes. But not one single part of her sewing cupboard was thrown out. Hel knows her priorities. We cleaned and weeded and mowed and moved. And then we handed our keys to the landlord. Hel did it with a lump in her throat.

Hel received word that her Visa interview is on the 14th September. Dal and Hel went crazy and bought flights to everywhere (not really everywhere, just to Sydney and LA).

Dal and Hel would like to announce that they will be touching down in America on the 22nd September (provided everything goes well with the Visa). Hel is excited she gets to see her brother as he passes through LA on his way home from his mission (French speaking in a part of Canada Hel can't quite remember right now).

Hel is tired. Dal is tired. And Bel is enjoying telling everyone what to do ("DANCE!!")




DeNae said...

Oh, Helen, I sympathize so very much. We've done this - except the moving clear around the planet part - enough times that I know how exhausted and wrung out you must be feeling about now. I do envy that 'thinning' process that is so cleansing. Not having moved in 9 years has really got me worried about becoming a hoarder. So either I need to move or I need to burn the house to the ground and start over.

Can't wait to see you in October, though!!

The Kroks said...

Wow its really happening for you! I am so excited for you and we will definitely look you up if we are ever in the California area. Good luck! - been there done that:)

That Girl said...

Ack! It's really happening!

We're hanging out, right?