Sunday, 7 February 2010

Shame on me.... I forgot

I forgot to tell you that Tina from Little Tots/Big Ideas did an International Mommies post on little ol' me. Forgive me, because it was last Tuesday that this event happened. But you can still check it out now.

I have had a few things on my mind in the last week - shall I tell you all about it?

  • We have put our car in to the mechanic to have ONE particular problem (that the mechanic seemed to create in the first place) fixed THREE times and still the problem persists. So last week I had to organise for it to be "fixed" for a fourth time. GAH!!
  • Along with the problem car, I have had a problem wisdom tooth. We have health insurance to cover basic dental work, but no cover for tooth extraction. The good news is that we are so "poor" the government said they would pay for my wisdom tooth to be taken out. So if you read any loopy posts on this blog next Wednesday (WT-day) blame Dallas - it is obvious he didn't take the computer away from the drooling crazy lady in the corner fast enough.
  • After a morning of frenzied weeding and mowing on Thursday I bent down to fix LQ's shoes for the fiftieth time. As I finished up with the shoes I spied a rogue weed and twisted (yes, twisted) my body to rip out that little pesky weed. Unfortunately my back didn't like the twist and sent out a call for help by way of stabbing pains that dropped me like a bag of wet cement. I lay on the small rocks that cover most of our yard and garden (I am still trying to work out the logic of the rocks) and cried out in pain. LQ was no help (why do I keep her around?) and I slowly hobbled/retreated back up the stairs to lay on the bed and feel sorry for myself. Not before rearranging things in the yard so it didn't look so trashy and having a shower with LQ to make us less sweaty and more sweet smelling. My back has since been making me pay for the extra things I did before coddling it.
  • My mum has been in a different state for the past three weeks now and I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I am starting to suffer from the lack of mother contact. I can generally get on with my life once little things like the above mentioned have happened because I get to tell mum (and everything is better when you tell your mum). But this past week? I have been stewing on all the bad things. Come HOME MUM!!


Miriam said...

I need my mum too! I was ill on Friday and most of Saturday, and then bravely went out to Dinner on Saturday night. Mum babysat, and I came home to a housework miracle. She even hung 3 loads of washing in the dark. Makes me feel very inferior, but grateful.

DeNae said...

You were especially Australian in this particular post, darling Helen! In the states we don't "organise", we use a 'z', and even then we schedule or arrange or leave a horse's head in the mechanic's bed.

And I'm sorry LQ hasn't passed that emergency respons course yet. Like potty training, that comes at different ages for different children.

I hope your tooth and your back are better soon!

Stephen and Chernoa said...

Yes mums are great. Probably talk to my mum three times a day and dad probably once(to ask why mum isnt answering her phone;) How is your mum? i hope she is ok. Sned our love:) xoxox

The Williams family said...

helllloooo you are like totally famous
i need your autograph and more puics of you and me
aaaand "youve been everywhere man "
love ya

The Williams family said...

whats a puic?

Tina said...

Dear Helen,

Wanted to check your blog out again. You are so dang cute!