Saturday, 19 December 2009

Moose Hunters

LQ loves Mickey Mouse and gang. That's no secret. Since coming back from visiting Granny Jules in July, LQ has had an insatiable hunger for the old cartoons. Dal has a whole collection of them, so we have been fortunate enough to not have to endure just one DVD the whole time.

This doesn't mean we don't know ALL of them by heart. We do. Dal and I will hum or whistle along to the background music of any given short.

And yesterday I caught LQ imitating one of MY favourites, "Moose Hunters". If you want to know what she is watching when she does her little shoulder shimmy, start watching the cartoon from 3.25 onwards.


Maree Rose said...

I LOVE HER!!!! And I think I have seen her Mum do the same shoulder shimmy on more than one occasion. I have heard there is a shoulder shimmy gene that gets passed from generation to generation.. She is way too adorable Helen!!!

DeNae said...

So dang cute! We watched home movies of our two youngest at that same age. Such a sweet time of life!