Sunday, 6 December 2009

Climate Change

So.... Climate Change seems to be the hot topic around the world at the moment. That and the numerous affairs Tiger Woods seems to have had in the past decade... but that is just too boring to even mention.

I may have indicated my lax attitude toward "saving" the environment in the past. Much to my mother's chagrin, I revel in paper plates (still with the guilt, though) and only recycle because the nazi government here provide itty bitty waste bins and recycle garbage bins that are larger than mother earth herself.

Stephanie owned up to being an earth killer a month ago. I am sure if you scroll down in the comments of that same post, DeNae takes pride in driving her gas guzzling beast to the next-door-neighbour's party (or I could just be projecting my own image of DeNae on to you all). My dear friend MareeRose's blog has become the little voice that comes up every so often to remind me that I do have other options besides disposable cutlery.

As you well know, I am a firm believer that there is more to come after this life. Plenty of rewards for the good people of the earth, etc. And as I sat on my wonderfully reupholstered dining chairs today reading yet another news article about climate change and what needed to be done before the earth and all its inhabitants died, I realised two things and wondered a third.

1. I am not all too panicked at the prospect of the demise of the earth.
2. I realise that this makes me kind of a hypocrite. Believing that God made this beautiful Earth just for me and then not caring one whit what happens to this wonderful gift (kind of makes you sick, doesn't it)
3. I wonder if there are more God fearing folk kind of banking on the second coming of Christ to fix all the environmental issues that we have OR are there more of them trying to treat the earth the way it should be treated?

A simplistic analysis of my own pondering, but one I would be interested in hearing your own thoughts on.


DeNae said...

It should be noted that I only use my gas guzzling beast for good, not evil. And I HAVE to drive to that party; it's raining outside.

(Wait. I live in Las Vegas. Never mind...)

My thinking is, folks like us are KILLING ourselves over things like paper plates, and all you have to do is drive through pretty much any South American city, most of the cities of Africa, and even Europe, to see who the REAL earth killers are. Those beautiful 15th century buildings in Peru, thick with a hundred years' worth of unfiltered oil deposits from those horrendous cars - it makes you want to cry.

So we do our best, are as vigilant as we can be, take pride that even in our worst moments we're still greener and cleaner than 80% of the countries out there, and get on with our lives.

That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.

The Williams family said...

hmmm just coming to the end of a huuuge stack of plastic ...not paper people...PLASTIC plates :) and thinking of the huuge landfill contribution i am making and yeah cringing but lovin the sanity of the washing up pile not being so huge
(its a coping mechanism when tones away..we have cutlery and bowls too )
but yeah i loove recycling
and love this beautiful earth and
ho hum oh dear its a dilemma
now that was helpful huh
NOT !!!

Maree Rose said...

Thanks for the mention Helen! I guess my motivation is a fear of living a life and my kids living a life that isn't sustainable. I truly believe that the way we are living now cannot go on forever and it scares me to think what's going to happen then. If I can live simply and teach my kids to live simply maybe we will have a better chance of surviving when things start running out. Doomsday belief I know.... And luckily I really enjoy discovering these simple tricks to life

That Girl said...

All I can say is - HA!

I love an honest woman.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

My dad is an agronomist and he gave a speech at BYU once that focused on the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants where the Lord says that in the earth there is "enough and to spare." I kind of assume that the Lord has supplied the earth with all it needs to fulfill the measure of its creation and when he decides it's done, it's done, whether he destroys it or we do. Having said that, I believe that part of having enough for everyone required a law of consecration mentality where we recognize that all we have belongs to God, and we should share and depart of our substance. I'm just not sure if that substance includes paper plates and such. No clear answers I guess.