Thursday, 13 August 2009

Love Note to a Virgin

Oh Virgin Airlines how I love thee, let me count the ways

  1. the ease with which you check me in sets my heart aflutter. be it on international or domestic flights.
  2. I love your international flight and personal entertainment systems. The constant Playhouse Disney for LQ, the ever ready solitaire for mindless time passing, and your interactive games that I can beat Dal with.
  3. Your baggage check through at the international airport made me dizzy with pleasure. The added bonus of free shuttle to the domestic airport had me thinking you are too good to be true.
  4. Even though your domestic airline didn't have a flight to Hobart for some time after we arrived in sydney, your lounge service went above and beyond my wildest expectations.
  5. How could I have known you would refresh me with your lovely showers, entertain LQ with your enormous theatre room while we stretched out on your long luxurious theatre seats.
  6. If my house is not available, you, Virgin Lounge are my number one choice.
  7. I love you friendly and helpful staff - constant with their friendliness and helpfulness. I depend on your friendliness.
  8. I love your domestic flights with their better snack choices than other airlines and once again you provide me with personal entertainment.

My dearest Virgin Airlines please never leave me in my hour of flying. You are my favourite and always will be... until I am able to fly business class.

P.S. Richard Branson, even though you are a complete toolbag, I may be in love with you for creating the Virgin brand. I said MAYBE!!