Tuesday, 7 July 2009

We Have Arrived

And already I have suffered from heat stroke (for real).

I know this may seem a little weird to everyone but me, but Mesa, AZ for me does NOT equal heat. This heat is out of the ordinary.

Since meeting Dal I have only had to endure a few days of the Arizona Summer heat back when we were dating. Every other time we have visited the family here it has been Christmas. Meaning Winter. Meaning GORGEOUS weather.

Mesa AZ in my mind is a perfect Christmas-sy fantasy land. And I would like it to stay that way. Unfortunately my fantasy bubble is slowing being popped every extra day I experience this unearthly heat. I have praised the air conditioning gods nightly.

Aside from the temperature we have had such a wonderful time so far and we are only entering day three of our month long holiday. Thus far we have:

Played with these at midnight (jet lag is an evil, evil thing).

Climbed the stairs (at midnight)
Played on the swing

Played with Grandma

And the chickens

And generally being happy little campers
I don't want to brag or anything, but I have now realised my child is the most wonderful child on this earth. I came to this conclusion on our flight over here. Beautiful. (I am so going to get kicked in the guts on the way home for saying that)


Melanie said...

Ack!! Our timing is AWFUL! Dang it! I'm glad to hear the flight went well, though, and I hope you get over the jet lag ASAP.

Can't wish you anything but staying inside as far as the heat goes. That place is just HELL HOT.

DeNae said...

Welcome, and I'm totally feeling you on the heat, baby! 108 degrees is just wrong, wrong, wrong. Any chance of coming to Vegas to play for a day or two?? I'll meet you anywhere you want!