Monday, 15 June 2009

Taking "Little Queen" too far

This is how LQ is insisting on getting around the house at the moment.Remember we used it on our trip to the US last year? We will be doing it again, but this time I am going to use velcro straps to attach it and not a bungee cord. The velcro will be less fiddly (I hope).

Princess LQ has spoken. Speaking of talking, LQ has learned the phrase "I don't know". Comes in handy when your mother is harassing talking to you.


fifi said...

Is that red coat the pumpkin patch one I bought her ages ago? Did I buy her one?
She's such a cutie.

That Girl said...

Methinks she needs a cape. (Not to give her any ideas ...)

DeNae said...

Yes, a cape. And an invisible plane. Oh, and maybe a lair? Or is that only for super heroes?