Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Little Girl That Followed Me Around

A little girl followed me around today.

She looked about two-ish, had sandy blonde hair and seemed to come out of nowhere.

She was there when I woke up, so I led her to the tv to keep her amused while I made her some breakfast. I didn't want to be responsible for an unknown child suffering from malnutrition.

Since nobody came to claim her after breakfast my next thought was to leave some toys out for her to play with. I don't know what little children like to do, so I gave her a ball, some paper and crayons, a few dress ups and a singing piggy bank. Don't ask me where those toys came from, they seemed to appear from nowhere just like the little girl that followed me around.

The little girl seemed pleased with the selection and showed her gratitude by giving me a quick cuddle. After the cuddle she pulled my face to hers in her chubby little hands, babbled in an unknown language and then ended her sentence with the word "mummy".

"Don't be silly little girl. I am not a mummy. I couldn't possibly handle the responsibility of motherhood."

Unperturbed The Little Girl That Followed Me Around went on with her playing and occasional television watching.

After a short while the Little Girl That Followed Me Around took my hand and led me into our spare bedroom. I was right in assuming that this too had change dramatically seemingly overnight into a child's haven. The Little Girl That Followed Me Around indicated that she would like to climb in and out of the crib and who was I to squash her adventurous spirit. I grabbed a nearby stepladder and assisted her Mt Everest Climbs.

The Little Girl That Followed Me Around doesn't seem to have quite grasped the concept of private body parts and at one point grabbed my breast for support during one of her climbs. I guess if I were a mother I would have found it hysterically funny, but being a "non-mother" I was not impressed at the pain searing through my perfect pert bosom.

My day continued much the same. Nobody came to the door looking for a stray little girl, so The Little Girl That Followed Me Around continued to follow me. We went outside for a spell, climbing up and down the stairs, smelling the parsley and laughing uncontrollably when The Little Girl That Followed Me Around pushed me to the ground and hurriedly sat on my tummy.

I figured The Little Girl That Followed Me Around might need a sleep when she started crying at small, seemingly little things. That kind of happens to me when I am tired - I start crying at stupid little things. So I decided to get some use out of the crib that had suddenly appeared. She fell asleep and I was tired.

The Little Girl That Followed Me Around soon woke up and I left her to her own devices while I got stuck into the housework I neglected this morning. But instead of being interested in toys, she kept following me around and trying to help me. I have to tell you the help offered by The Little Girl That Followed Me Around wasn't all that great. I expect more from children if I am to keep them. She is too short to get the cutlery sorted correctly and instead of sweeping crumbs off the floor she eats them!

She seemed to perk up my husband by running away from the car squealing "Daddy!!" as he pulled into the drive. Again I wondered at the ability this little girl had at adapting herself to a new family.

After dinner and a bath it seemed we were all ready to go to bed. My husband and I discussed the possibility of letting The Little Girl That Followed Me Around sleep over. It seemed no one else wanted to claim her, so we decided to keep her for a few days.

And yet as I sit here writing this an inconceivable thought comes to mind. Could it just be possible that this little girl who seemed to spring from nowhere is in fact MINE? If so, the questions remain - who on this earth let ME become a mother and HOW has this little girl survived two years of being mothered by me??


DeNae said...

A question asked by every single mother since Eve, who didn't even have a mother of her own to go to for advice.

Terresa said...

Love this post. I have a little one who follows me around, too, but he's a boy. ;) As I posted last week, he's still in the Garden of Eden and I like it that way!

PS: found you on Mormon Mommy Blogs.

Ev said...

i have been hesistant to comment on your blog because it is just too overwhelmingly GOOD! I often read stuff and think "How could I possibly respond to THAT??". I LOVE you because I AM you! Nahh I'm not having an identity crisis- It's just that it is like so many of ur posts were inspired by MY life. Thanks for articulating motherhood so beautifully and honestly :) xo