Sunday, 24 May 2009

What happened to the Ninja Kangaroos?

It is embarrassing, but I will admit that the only way I learn of what is going on in the world is through other people's blogs.

It's a good thing DeNae posted about the Ninja Kangaroo or I wouldn't have been aware of the danger that was so close by.

Swine Flu??! I had to ask Dal what all these crazy ladies were talking about after I read my fifth post on being prepared for the swine flu. To be honest I thought it was some sort of blogging world joke that I wasn't in on (sometimes that happens... being over the other side of the world and all... I wake up a little later than everyone else).

Of course, once I figured out that the Swine Flu wasn't a blogging hoax, I decided that maybe, just maybe, I should make more of an effort to find out what is happening in this world o' mine. So I subscribed to an internet news feed and LQ and I now share our morning television time. She watches a show and then I watch some news, she watches a show, etc.

Here's the problem - I have only discovered that life outside our home is somewhat depressing. Politicians are snarky, the northern part of our State is being evacuated because of rising river banks, the Swine Flu is increasing its efforts, a father is on trial for throwing his daughter off a bridge, etc. I was certain that all I would be reading about was more Ninja Kangaroos... what happened to those?

Is it so bad if I go back to finding out what day it is by Nick Jr's Ollie singing it to me?


DeNae said...

On 9/11, my husband had to call me from the office to tell me what had been happening. I had always joked that if world events weren't reported on Nick News, I wasn't going to know about them. I guess I was right.

The world is going to get its foot in the door soon enough, Helen. And as likely as not it will be riding more than a ninja kangaroo. No sense rushing things!!

Mama Nut said...

LOL, I found out about swine flu the same way!! I never watch tv... unless it's Dora or Elmo. They don't give me much news :)