Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Can you feel the panic in you?

I picked up a few craft supplies from Spotlight (the Australian equivalent of Joanns) by myself several days ago. LQ stayed home with Dal while I reveled in the sweet moments of browsing the felt aisle and picking a few zips without LQ constantly pulling on my leg, recklessly running in the fabric section and selecting several different coloured thread all the while exclaiming "OOOooOOH!" (said with at least three different inflections)

I almost made it my permanent home I was so happy.

After getting the desired items, I made my way over to the cash registers. There was quite a line up of women wanting their fabric selections to be measured, cut and paid for. As I joined the line, I noticed a sign stating that any customers with barcode items only were more than welcome to go downstairs to the manchester and drapery registers. As I had only barcode items, I pranced down the stairs to an eerily empty (of people) basement.

Two women were intently sorting curtain rings and only looked up from their all important work once I stood at the counter for 30 seconds or so.

I handed over my felt, zips, clips and thread. The thread, clips and zips were quickly scanned by the shorter lady while the other ambled over to the other side of counter to get a bag for the items.

It wasn't until the shorter lady said "Sorry, but I just HATE the feel of felt" that I noticed she had been flicking the felt over with her perfectly shaped red acrylic nails, using as little of her hands and fingers as possible. I nodded as though I understood her predicament. I get it... I don't like writing on chalkboards, so I would give her her weird touch phobia.

Bag lady had finally made her way back and was placing my items in the bag. She nodded gravely as her store friend admitted her fear of felt. "I hate it too" she added. "In fact I can't touch that seventies type material too.... what do you call it? Velvet? Ugh, yes. I can't stand touching that either!"

Both these fabric freaks continued with their rhetoric while they left the felt on the table top.

"How about I put that felt in the bag myself" I offered with a sigh. "You ladies are sure working in the right sort of place, aren't you?"

If I am searching for a job any time soon, my first port of call is Spotlight. It seems their employee interview/screening process isn't all that tough. What are the chances you'd get TWO fabric phobics in the one store?


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Probably about as good as the chance that you'll get to shop by yourself in peace on a regular basis. :)

DeNae said...

You know, that's what working in a basement does to one's soul. They probably sparkle in sunlight and feast on human flesh. In fact, next time you're in there, go tell 'em I said that.

(Isn't shopping a cappella awesome??)

Britney Jean said...

Ahahaha this just made me laugh.

Seriously...what are the odds?


They should hire YOU. And LQ.

Mama Nut said...

LOL too funny. People are so weird. But what would us bloggers do without characters? We would have nothing to write about!