Thursday, 15 May 2008

All things Technical

From the time she could crawl, Isabel has had a fascination with anything she isn't supposed to have, including the remote controls. She absolutely LOVES them. She loves them so much she eats them, which in turn screws up the wiring and we've had our tv, remote control fan, dvd player and vcr all turn on and off randomly and occasionally do other tricky things without our help. We try to keep them from her, but she seems to manage somehow get them anyway.

As a present for mothers day, Dallas bought me the Wii Fit. Isabel can't get enough of it. As all good children should, Isabel has started to "help" me with a few things.... like tidying her toys (she takes them back out for me). So now the Wii Fit is another thing to help mummy with. My crunches became a great source of entertainment today as Isabel sat on my stomach and squealed with delight every time I crunched. She even tried to copy my pushups. I guess my little girl is going to be one (Wii) fit baby.

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