Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I live for sleep.  I am certain I could sleep 20 hours in the day and still be tired after waking up.

That is why I need my morning naps.  As mentioned previously, Isabel likes to sit on my bed playing on my laptop while I have a nap.  This morning didn't go so well.  I gave her a muesli bar to eat while I napped.  I while later I heard her rustling in our bathroom.

"Mummy, where's the wipes?"
"What do you need wipes for, Isabel?"
"To wipe the bed."

Alarms bells start clanging in my head.  I look over to Dal's side of the bed and find what can only be chewed up and spat out chocolate chip muesli bar.

"Forget the wipes, I'm going back to sleep.  Get a towel and sit on it".

A while later I get a hand slapped right by my head.
"Time to wake up mummy"
"NO!  You kept waking me up.  Give me 20 more minutes"
"Mummy it's 7 o'clock.  Time to wake up."

In actual fact it is 10.30 in the morning.  I point that out to her.  That doesn't deter her.  Isabel grabs my bedside clock and winds the clock back to three.

"See.  7 o'clock.  Get up".

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Bron Williams said...

Dear Helen much love and congratulations on the birth of your new little man. I saw your mum today and pics of William ( and some hot ones of you - talk to your mum ha )
I am so happy for you guys. Thinking of you and sending lots and lots of love xxxxx
Ps we had a rosny ward playgroup Halloween today. Kristie did awesome but it made me think of the amazing parties you gave us. Clever lady. Miss ya but hoping you are happy and enjoy your new little man :)
Hugs n smiles
Bron xxxxx