Sunday, 5 December 2010

To the dearest girl that I know

I went in to your bedroom tonight after you fell asleep.

You were laying on your bed the wrong way and I knew that if I didn't put your head back on your pillow, you were more than likely to end up on the floor. More often than not, I will look at your darling face and feel such a surge of love that it startles me.

As we were driving home last night I couldn't help but turn around and watch you in the back seat. You sang along to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song and made daddy and me laugh. You didn't see us laughing because your eyes were fixed to the tv screen.

Can you feel it? Can you feel the inordinate amount of love that sometimes feels like is gushing from me? I want that love to help us both. I want it to help me be a better mummy. I want it to help you be the best kind of person you know how to be. I want it to help you when you feel sad. I want it to cheer you on when you are happy.

I want you to feel safe and warm because of my love for you. Even when it seems that I am being a mean mummy, I want you to secretly know that even though I am mean that love is still there fighting for you with every cranky part of my body. That love is ALWAYS on your side.

I want you to know that because you are you, I am a better me and nothing will ever beat the feeling of loving you.



fifi said...

<3 :)

Ps I always laugh at the little disabled sign next to the word verification. It took me forever to figure out why it would be there and everytime I make a comment I laugh (after I've asked myself for the millionth time why it's there)

DeNae said...

Love it. She really is such a cute thing! (I've got two pictures of her little bottom escaping through my doggy door, BTW!)

Ev said...


Nikki said...

beautiful post! love you both. x

Mattias, Karissa & Enzo said...

Awesome put!!! As you read in my post that is pretty much how I want my boys to fill even when I am cranky, irritated and frustrated.
Thank you for your encouragement.
We will get through this...right?