Saturday, 12 June 2010


I have started a few posts in the past two weeks, but none of them seemed any good. Who knows, this one may go by the way of the last two - to the land of "no good posts".

Life seems to have really taken me by the hair and swung me around. I feel like I am still spinning. Or more to the point, I feel like I am just keeping up with my own life.

I have been working as a fill in receptionist recently while the company tries to find a new receptionist. It turns out I'm what they want and have asked me to stay, but I am leaving the country in a few short months, so that doesn't quite fit in with their plans of keeping me. I am kind of relieved that I have that cut off date. If I didn't have that date I am certain I would just keep on keeping on and never end up going back to my stay at home status. And I so desperately want that status back.

If there was going to be anything to make me appreciate being a stay at home mother, it was going back to work. I am now completely and fully aware of where I feel best and it is at home with my sweet daughter. Hanging out, wondering if I am doing "enough" with her during the day. It seems all that is currently happening is a few sweet moments between her late late naps, picking daddy up from work and bed time.

So in an effort to snatch those few precious moments that remain untouched by the outside world, I have kept my blogging to a minimum. I am sure that there will be moments in the next three months when I need to reach out and feel your friendship, so I hope you stick around during my time of retreat. I have a feeling that there are going to be a few emotional moments as I prepare to leave this country of mine.


DeNae said...

I'm here for you, sweet pea. Just give me a holler.

The Williams family said...

oh man !I am going to be emotional when you guys go :(
lv Bron :)

Nikki said...

Sure going to miss you...
but you'll be back in no time travelling around the world with your party business so we'll be seeing ya. xxxx