Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Chinny, Chin Chin

To the extra under my chin that I can see coming,

Please go away. You look like you want to take over the role of my regular chin. I wont allow it. My regular chin does NOT need an understudy.

Yes, my regular chin has been performing since the beginning of the drama entitled "Helen", but he is not worn out yet and will not be for many years to come. Your coming has been premature in the worst sense.

I don't understand why you have appeared so early on in this production. You are such a titchy little thing at the moment, but if I don't address this problem I know that sooner, rather than later, you will overtake the entire production and just make it plain ugly.

So, Mr Extra Chin, I implore you to leave us be for the moment. We will call you when my regular chin starts to get tired. Until that time, go harass someone with a well chiseled chin.

Cordially yours,
Hel (and her ONE chin)

P.S. you can take those ugly little black hairs that suddenly appeared to. They are just as unwelcome as you are


That Girl said...

Do you mind writing a letter to my chin, too? Thanks so much.

DeNae said...

My six chins and their hair collection all thank you. It was time someone took a stand.

Lorie said...

You are too funny! Can you tell your chin to take my extra chin with it. I don't have black hairs, but I do have this crazy white hair that I call my witch hair that grows RIGHT out of the middle of my left temple.